Seeds worth their
weight in gold

Actually, it’s true these days that a kilo of some seeds can be worth more than a kilo of gold. We buy, test and plant only the very best seeds from the best Dutch and French suppliers – cross-bred and resistant to disease.


Our plants love where
they live

Light, temperature, humidity, CO2 – every aspect of our plants’ environment is fully controlled in our state-of-the-art greenhouses. Large glass panes attract more light. Windows open to let in air. Thermal screens conserve energy. We even play music to stimulate growth.


An individual drip
for every plant

A drip line carries a carefully controlled supply of water and feed (including vital nutrients like calcium, potassium and magnesium) to each individual plant. We sample and adapt the minerals regularly to keep them at optimum levels.


We don’t believe
in pesticides

We don’t think they’re good for crops, humans or the environment. So we use natural and biological methods to protect our plants from pests – like parasitic wasps, mini spiders, sticky traps and fennel oil. They work. Just like nature intended.


Pollinated by bees

Our tomato and pepper plants love bees. And bees love pollinating our plants. So our greenhouses are full of hives and their resident bees. We calculate and control very carefully the number of bees needed for each variety.


Keeping things

We don’t like to waste water, or dump it (along with fertiliser residues) into watercourses. So we collect our run-off, sanitise it and recycle it back into the feed. In the same way, we enrich the air in our greenhouses with the useful leftover gases (like CO2) produced by our central heating burners.


Conventional or organic
– your choice

We grow most of our plants using conventional hydroponics with rock wool slabs. Their mineral fibres are good for stability and holding the water and air that help roots to grow and nutrients to be taken in. We also have dedicated organic areas where plants are grown in soil and natural fertiliser.


Green fingers

The growers who run our nurseries control everything from light, temperature and humidity to irrigation and feed. Our skilled crop workers – each responsible for their own areas – know everything there is to know about de-leafing and twisting. Our harvesters make sure that your produce is picked, packed and with you within 24 hours of harvest.